Client Details

Tom Striplin has run AARC approved medical conferences in Maryland for many years. Each year they would need to track where what conferences each attendee went to in order to submit the paperwork properly for the educational credits for each attendee. Normally this took many additional hours of support, lengthy "sign-off" sheets at the end of talks, and hours putting information into a spreadsheet at the end of the conference. Finally, enough was enough, Tom contacted me to see if there was a better way. View project

A Simple Conference System

  • Date : April 27, 2016
  • Location : Cumberland, MD

Project Specs

Tom wanted a site that his conference attendees could go to, get information about his conference, and mark what talks they had gone to. He wanted to be able to provide a CSV list of all the talks and users with the relevant info.

Results was the final result. The site allows anyone to setup a sub-domain for their conference. An admin interface is provided that allows the conference owner to login, import CSV lists of talks/presentations and users. There is a full permission system in place so a conference owner can also have staff working on the site.
A full validation system was put in place with the talk/presentation and feedback system. Conference owners and create custom forms for feedback on each individual talk and conference attendees cannot attend multiple talks at the same time. also provides a full list of every conference and talk each attendee has gone too, this is viewable by the individual attendee ( can view about self) and staff (can view all attendees information in regards to the conference the staff is apart of).
Finally individualized PDF certificates can be generated based on some simple template/formatting provided, or preset templates can be used.
This project is under active development!

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